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Lares team has high experience and knowledge to support funds through the various stages of growth and help the clients in responding to new developments and trends. As OMS - order management system has become an integral part of every trader’s workflow and increasingly deep-rooted on trading desks, our OMS even fills in unstable markets. Moreover, for various Indian exchanges we have developed the industry leading OMS and co locating hosting facilities. The functionality extends by offering execution management system (EMS), advanced implementation function available through DMA – direct market access, algorithmic routing capabilities, analytics and reporting, and access to numerous execution venues and brokers.

Enter automated market makers. An automated market maker always stands ready to buy and sell every outcome at some price, adjusting along the way to bound its risk. The market maker injects liquidity, reducing the bid-ask spread and pinpointing the market’s prediction to a single number, say 61%, or at least a tight range, say 60-63%. From an information acquisition point of view, precision is important. For traders, the ability to trade any contract at any time is satisfying and self-reinforcing.

Our market maker automatically adjusts its level of liquidity depending on trading volume. Prices start off very responsive and, as volume increases, liquidity grows, obviating the need to somehow guess the “right” level before trading even starts.

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