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Best Quant Trading Company in India

We provide solution to Quant trading. Quantitative trading is a technique of trading where different techniques of mathematics and statistics as well as quantitative analysis are used for doing data analysis ,big data analysis, articificial intelligence and generating the trading ideas. This kind of trading is different from technical analysis based trading , though technical analysis is one of the source of ideas for the quantitative trading

The techniques which are generally used.

  • Standard Deviation
  • Probability distributions.
  • Calculus.
  • Confidence intervals.
  • Simple and Exponential moving averages.
  • Differential equations.

These techniques play a great role in data analysis.

After generating the ideas programming languages like c/c++, Java, R ,C#, Excel bands, Python, Matlab come into the picture for idea coding and generation.

We provide plateform to run algo /Quant Trading and testing Strategy based on languages.

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