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Best Hedge Fund Management Company in India

Lares Alpha Scheme reduces risk and volatility with making an effort to deliver positive returns and preserve capital under all conditions of the market. Among the several hedge fund strategies, volatility, risk and investment returns vary extremely. Most of the hedge fund strategies have the power to make positive results in falling and rising bond markets and equity. Lares serves hedge funds customers achieve their objectives by committing to deliver the benefits of their business.

We offer hedge funds covering all strategies and sizes that are from global custody and clearing to flexible accounting, financing solutions and administration support. Moreover, with our coordinated services clients can minimize risk and optimize their opportunities. The clients can also take full advantage of investment research platforms and best trading operations in the world.

Lares concentrates on its Lares Alpha Scheme that aims to bring out positive results by mixing trade side strategies with purchase side quant strategies. We have more than 30 years experience in trading,

which we focus to build long term trusted relationships with each of our hedge fund clients by offering intention strategic advice and operational support to deal with their business disputes.

Our service to hedge fund continues to grow as we react to shifting expectations and demands. Through targeted planned investment, we are extending our geographic reach and broadening our platform to offer access to the areas of most interest on the best competitive firms.

Most of our trading involves complex process and challenges, which we depend on better technology and software to meet demands. As we hold a unique place in market with designing trading strategies, building statistical models or managing a new trade flow, Lares experts build their own software. We work closely with business owners and management to get a better understanding of various challenges and operational issues that can maximize the chances for business success.


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